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Comprehensive Residential Vastu Vol.1

This book has been designed and written in a simple way to enable even the laymen to understand the principles and tenets of Vaastu, so that by taking account of those principles and applying them, they could improve their life condition and invite good fortune for themselves. The whole book has been divided into eight chapters, each dealing with different phenomena of better living and balancing the Five Elements and the defined course of Nature.
The First Chapter deals with the origin and expansion of Vaastu Shastra since the inception of civilization. It has been clearly mentioned and explained about its origin, related texts, stories associated with its expansion etc.



Most of the times we try to purchase a plot or house which is available on cheap price. We don’t pay much attention to its good or bad effects. If we do the same following the principles of Vaastu, undoubtedly we will flourish economically and get peace, happiness and prosperity. However, if the selection goes wrong, it leads to financial losses, untimely deaths of kith and kins, improper education of children etc.
There is no denying the fact that mental peace and tranquility as well as prosperity and economic well being are derived if we follow the principles of Vaastu and abide by the rules enshrined in Shashtras while constructing our houses, buildings, commercial complexes, factories etc. Undoubtedly, a house constructed as per the norms and principles of Vaastu will definitely yield good results and lead to the happy living of the inhabitants while a house built casually without following the tenets of Vaastu, results in a great misery and unhappiness to the inhabitants. Since the science of Vaastu is secular and universal, it does not distinguish between the users according to their caste and creed, since the fore burns the Brahmin and Chandala equally, the science of Vaastu also throws open its tenets to the humanity at large to be utilized without any distinction of caste and creed.


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